Beginning of An American Adventure. . .

My husband and I didn’t particularly want an adventure. We felt comfortable living out life in our pleasant home, enjoying grandchildren and engaging in community service from time to time. Two somewhat major floods (totaling 82 inches inside the house) in two years sent our contentedness tumbling. Shaken by questions about the probable need to convert our property into space for a park, we wondered what to do while we waited for a decision from the city. “Let’s buy an RV. We can live in it while we pack and get ready to move. Once we finish our work, we can tour the country.” Thus, an adventure came into our awareness.

Friday, April 1, the adventure began. America — get ready for our visit! Leaving Houston in our recently purchased RV presented a collision of abject horror at driving this monstrosity through Houston traffic mixed with exhilaration. Thankfully, we arrived safely back in Austin around 10:00 p.m. As often happens in life, circumstances did not quite fit our expectations as we realized our driveway would not accommodate this motorhome without some serious tree trimming. Undeterred, we slept in the RV parked on the street (strictly against the rules in our community). This may very well be the first of other “rule-breakers” in our future. We remain undaunted and almost unafraid!

Anyone want to purchase our original RV — a 20-year old clunker, which failed us on our first trip to Marble Falls? Really, you might like it!