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In this section I will write about our RV adventures throughout the US!

Honoring Traditions and History

Out of respect for Colonel Sanders, we agreed that a visit to Kentucky would not be complete without some golden fried chicken. To that end, we met Chris’ cousins at Claudia Sander’s restaurant and buffet where we consumed lavish quantities of vegetables along with fried chicken. Col Sanders' Chicken

Kentucky museums equal our own Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. Texas has a much larger state capital building than Kentucky. However, the farms for breeding and training Kentucky Derby thoroughbred racehorses can only be described as extravagant. Never have I observed such beauty and care with regard to animals. Even the fences look spectacular. My West Texas cowboy daddy would have enjoyed witnessing such glamorous level of care. (Or he might have thought it silly.) Horse Pasture

On our final night in Kentucky, we met a different set of cousins and had dinner in Louisville. We have thoroughly enjoyed the family and the state. Now we head to Branson, MO to enjoy some music.

Turtle-ing Down the Road —Are We Home Yet?

Like turtles, people who live in RV’s carry their homes with them. Being “home” depends on where we park. Although I doubt we will live this way forever, our life style currently works. At the moment, home happens to be in Frankfort, Kentucky.

We traveled to Kentucky to spend time with Chris’ relatives. An added bonus provided beautiful country scenes and amazing horse farms. Kentucky racehorses produced a different breed from our West Texas Quarter horses.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting with Chris’ 96-year old Aunt Nancy. Lively, independent and pretty, his aunt shared the secret of her long life of good health. She based her good fortune on double bacon cheeseburgers and most afternoons, a shot of Bourbon. So now, we have it—youthful health from a real expert.  Continue reading

Vocabulary Lessons Color Our Adventures

I could feel my Aunt Maggie twitching in her grave as we sat in the “waiting area lounge” of a Cummins repair shop. If you knew Miss Maggie in Pecos, Texas, you could appreciate that statement. My little aunt, who raised me from the time I was seven, always remained precise and proper. The language of one of the truck drivers sharing the lounge would not have met her approval.

We sat in the waiting area with four truckers. One very pleasant driver shared interesting experiences with us. Two remained quiet. The fourth let his stories and language rip! In his wildest tale, complete with thought-provoking language, he claimed to have skimmed the top of a prostitute’s head with a bullet. He reasoned, “What else could an innocent man do to indicate lack of interest?” Oh those persistent girls! (Fortunately, according to our storyteller, his bullet barely grazed her. Lovely guy.)

Colorful or not, it was finally time to end this lesson in expressive language and head down the road to Frankfort, Kentucky. We arrived in time for the camp owner to inform us about severe rainstorms heading our way. The gentleman suggested we read the instructions about what to do in case of tornadoes or floods. Oh, Great! Just what I wanted to hear. Anxiously, I crawled into bed as Chris assured me that we would be safe. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard this before!” I thought.

We woke to a gloriously sunny morning. Off we went to Lexington to meet Chris’ relatives and see some of Kentucky’s beautiful sites.

Prepared for All Emergencies — or Not

It would be less than candid if I did not confess that occasionally, Chris and I face complications with our nomadic life style. When we left Austin, we knew that the RV steps, which should automatically raise and lower, did not work properly. I did not consider our lack of steps a formidable problem. However, early this morning, I discovered Chris under the RV trying to fix the stubborn stairs. He also spent time working on the door to the shower, which flings off its runner each and every time we hit the highway. Even the flying shower door did not cause too much concern, since Chris always re-installed the door when we reached each destination.Steps Continue reading

Homeless Adventurers Find Two NOT Ordinary Events

Just as seeing ducks waddle down a red carpet at the Peabody Hotel is the “thing” to do in Memphis, attending the Grand Ole Opry sits at the top of the “to do” list in Nashville.


In Memphis, we ate on Beale Street, visited the Mud Island Museum, and topped the day’s events by watching five ducks proudly stride down the carpet at the most expensive hotel in the state. Chris and I looked at one another and decided the event must represent life at its best.

I shudder to think what my dad, Watters Farnum would have to say about ducks on red carpet. Perhaps Daddy would look for ducks on the Peabody menu. Would he stand in a crowded lobby waiting for the duck’s arrival? I think not. On to Nashville, Tennessee.


When we arrived at the RV camp in Nashville, we learned that I had not finalized reservations. Congratulations to Chris for his diplomacy and patience. Fortunately, the managers located a crowded spot we could use.

We barely had time to change clothes before catching an Urber ride to the Opry House. I had hoped for a “grand ole dinner” but gladly settled for some chunks of chicken, which we ate while watching the show. Did we have good seats? Only the best — back row on the left with television sets arranged so audiences could actually see the performers. I informed our closest row mates that the seats were exactly what I wanted.

The show more than met our expectations and we enjoyed the evening very much. I believe when our adventures end, I will recall the Grand Ole Opry as one of our best memories.

To Gamble or Not to Gamble – Vicksburg, Mississippi

Monday, May 2, 2016

Gambling money away in a casino has never been one of my chief aspirations. However, there we sat in a motorhome park, which listed three main attractions — all casinos. My agreement with myself included tasting the flavor of each area. Away we went to enjoy dinner and gambling in the nearest casino.

Dinner turned out to be more expensive than I anticipated, which drew from my intended gambling account. We mingled with serious gamblers. A few tables crammed such somber faces around the events that I felt intimidated to join them. Machines seemed a better “bet” to us. As co-gamblers, we won $5.00 and immediately lost $5.00. Not a bad outcome. (Definitely within in my gambling budget.)

US C U B Continue reading

Beginning of An American Adventure. . .

My husband and I didn’t particularly want an adventure. We felt comfortable living out life in our pleasant home, enjoying grandchildren and engaging in community service from time to time. Two somewhat major floods (totaling 82 inches inside the house) in two years sent our contentedness tumbling. Shaken by questions about the probable need to convert our property into space for a park, we wondered what to do while we waited for a decision from the city. “Let’s buy an RV. We can live in it while we pack and get ready to move. Once we finish our work, we can tour the country.” Thus, an adventure came into our awareness.

Friday, April 1, the adventure began. America — get ready for our visit! Leaving Houston in our recently purchased RV presented a collision of abject horror at driving this monstrosity through Houston traffic mixed with exhilaration. Thankfully, we arrived safely back in Austin around 10:00 p.m. As often happens in life, circumstances did not quite fit our expectations as we realized our driveway would not accommodate this motorhome without some serious tree trimming. Undeterred, we slept in the RV parked on the street (strictly against the rules in our community). This may very well be the first of other “rule-breakers” in our future. We remain undaunted and almost unafraid!

Anyone want to purchase our original RV — a 20-year old clunker, which failed us on our first trip to Marble Falls? Really, you might like it!

Find Calm When Unexpected Events Fail Expectations

One thing that excites me about this business of living involves the outcomes of unexpected — even unwanted surprises. Monday was one of those days that provided an unexpected bonus to an adventure we shared with our Austin grandchildren. I must admit that the adventure did not go as planned. Yet, at the end of the day, I felt satisfied.

The adventure started when I spoke words that should have struck fear in the heart of my husband, “Hey! I’ve got a great idea!” Naturally, the sweet man agreed to my idea. We arranged to pick up three children, one teen, two moms, one dad, and another grandmother. Off we drove in our RV to see the Christmas lights at Marble Falls and to enjoy a meal at the famous Bluebonnet Café. Continue reading