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That Swinging Pendulum Can Pack a Punch!

Have you ever felt like life mimics the swinging pendulum on a grandfather clock? On one side, life presents the circumstances you prefer. The opposite direction propels you into dread and dissatisfaction.

I believe that if I can avoid wild, dramatic, herculean swings I can keep the pendulum gently swaying somewhere near center. As we all know, staying centered provides a path to contentment.

I also tell myself that just as I cannot control the motion of the clock pendulum, I do not control the variances of life. Faithfully, I remind myself (and anyone who will listen), that I can only control my reactions to life’s swings. Much of the time, I stay relatively close to center. In addition, most of the time my attitude remains stable in spite of worldly events. But not always. Below, I share two extreme swings of my personal pendulum. Continue reading

Poking Fun About a Serious Subject

At the risk of offending friends and family, I post this fictional and foolish letter. My intention, to poke fun at a serious topic, contains bits of ridiculous along with a significant truth. The underlying message suggests that grave responsibility accompanies sexual activities.

 Disclaimer: I do not have any grandsons named Billy Bob or Rex.

Dear Billy Bob and Rex,

After years of lectures, warnings, and suggestions about flossing, I feel my work on this subject now ends. However, rather than resting in peace, a new compulsion takes on importance. Billy Bob — it is now time — yea past time for a considered and intelligent conversation about sex. You know you have been anxiously waiting for many years. Now, the time has come and I owe it to all of you young, innocent males, with your under-developed frontal lobes, to tell you the truth about this important topic.

Here it is. Prevention falls squarely onto your young shoulders. You think the female members of the species would take the lead on this, with the 9-month thing and all, but alas, it falls to you. As much as females intend to take care of the issue — yes, I write about birth control — reliable evidence indicates that females frequently do not do so. Lurking in the back of our female brains, a vision of cuddling a cute, happy, dry baby persists. This syndrome creates a “yes, I took care of it” delusion. For example, “I thought I took the birth control pills…I only missed one tiny dose. . .that little ring thing just fell out. . . I heard the music but I lost the rhythm.” The list goes on and on. Of course, abstinence definitely works best and when used properly, it offers 100% certainty. However, abstinence presents a challenge. That means, you can apply abstinence 99 times out of 100. One “oops” cancels all previous hard work. Yep! That’s the one and only time! For obvious reasons, major surprises often accompany the abstinence method.

Even with the most responsible female, the responsibility, like the preverbal tennis ball, remains in your court. Any time you decide to engage in sexual activity, you enter a realm that could involve creating a new life, which we consider far too precious to take lightly. Truthfully, a shared responsibility indicates mutual maturity and responsibility.

I sign off as your grandmother wishing for great grandchildren in the far distant future. Sending Love and wisdom to you.

Grandma  (Written Oct. 2015)

Possible Reading

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A Father’s Day Story: Changing a Sworn Enemy to a Friend for Life

In my entire life, I only had one serious enemy. My foe, Johnny Cain, had enormous blue eyes and sandy hair. Each afternoon, while walking from school to my Grandmother Glover’s house, Johnny pretended to run me down with his little blue bicycle. In an effort to maintain some shred of dignity, I showed no fear. I stared straight ahead, kept walking at a steady pace, and refused to look at my cruel tormentor. The more I pretended bravery the more this game appealed to eight-year old Johnny.

You probably can’t imagine the horror I felt when Daddy announced that he and I would be going to a fish fry with Catherine Cain and her son, Johnny. “You can’t be serious! Johnny is the meanest person in the whole world,” I responded in a panic. Seventy years later, I know this world can be cruel. At eight, I thought surely Daddy would listen to reason. However, the following Saturday, I found myself scrunched against a back seat door staring out the window. Johnny stared with equal determination out the opposite side of the car. We refused to speak to one another.

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Responding to Challenges Times

Every Sunday, the members of our church sing two important phrases. “This is the time we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” With increasing frequency, I repeat these sentences to myself.

Nationally, we have an idea on which we all seem to agree — America faces challenging times. A national split seems to widen each day with no solutions in sight. We find divisions about climate changes, racial inequity, immigrants, Muslims, gays, women’s rights, taxes and many more issues. As long as we remain divided, no one can truly enjoy the freedom for which this republic began.

How can this be the time we have been waiting for? Division feels terrible. I can’t speak for others, but during times of challenge, I experience my most significant reflection and growth. The challenges we now face call on us to be the best we can possible be. Circumstances also prompt us to live up to the intentions of our founding fathers.

Our constitution begins, “We the people. . .” The words do not include we the people of a certain color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. How might our nation look if we were to rise to the level of those opening words? According to Reverend Jim Rigby, “We seek a freedom that does not enslave others.” If I say, “I love you but I don’t want to pay you a living wage,” I clearly demonstrate hypocrisy. Likewise, can I claim love if I favor laws that make voting difficult for any group or individual? Am I a loving person if I live in fear of any religion or group that differs from my personal values?

Rigby suggests that if we live in captivity to our fears, we restrict the freedom of all of us. Additionally, putting money ahead of human values denies us our own liberty. The laws of the Old Testament and the laws of our own constitution exist to help us establish personal freedoms —freedoms, which must exist for everyone within the boundaries of this great country.

Apparently, these are the times we’ve been waiting for. These times require us to wake up and live out of compassion, to move beyond our fears and act with courage. Only with open hearts can we find the freedom we seek. No leader of any party can provide this for us. Nor can any religion or clergy provide us with healing. The freedom, as well as the safety we seek abides within our own beings. This is the time and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Work Cited:

Reverend Jim Rigby. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Austin, Texas, 2017. Ideas in this writing come from a sermon delivered by Jim Rigby on Sunday, May 28, 2017.



Like “walking dead” zombies, we sometimes stumble around without seeing the beauty surrounding us, without caring for self or others, and without accepting hope. Existence at that level symbolizes death. The triumphant news of Easter reminds us that we can claim the life intended for us. The Easter story focuses on becoming alive. The message encourages us to rise up from being asleep — essentially dead, to fully embrace divine life.

When lived at its fullest level, life progresses beyond inhaling and exhaling. The message of Easter reminds us to be “empty, open vessels to receive the full measure of Diving blessings. I am whole. I am one with Spirit.” Easter’s message of LIFE lives on eternally.

“Rest.” Daily Word. April 15, 2017.

Marching Into the Gates of Hell

Stockpiling weapons for the purpose of defending home and family may sound like a solid plan. But, is it? In an effort to consider a new perspective on personal protection, please join me on an imaginary time-travel journey to contemplate the following question:

Can the words of Jesus apply in today’s world?

Imagine for a moment that just outside the walls of Jerusalem, we mingle with devout followers of Jesus. The Last Supper has been eaten, Judas departed, and Jesus has withdrawn to pray. Although most disciples sleep, a few of us crouch around a small fire to discuss possible actions to take. All of us realize that danger lurks. Our Master’s life hangs in jeopardy.

As we linger, we hear “Jesus will be arrested. He will be tried and found guilty of blasphemy. We have to do something.” Following a hushed moment, a disciple mutters, “We must arm ourselves. In order to protect our Master and our cause, we must resist. Let every man take up arms and be ready for defense. When the soldiers arrive, we will be ready.”

How might history have unfolded if the disciples had physically fought the soldiers – soldiers, who, in fact came and arrested Jesus? Would fighting have been a “courageous” action or a futile massacre? How would recorded history be different? These questions suggest some interesting considerations about whether the teachings of Jesus can actually apply today.

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Not So Smart After All!

In a recent conversation with my husband, I jokingly declared, “I’ve lived so long and made so darn many mistakes, that in the process, I have become very smart. In fact, I might be the smartest person I know — even though no one cares what I think or wants to hear what I have to say.” With that, I self-righteously flounced off to bed.

The following morning, I began reading Eric Butterworth’s book, “The Flow Within”. Haltingly, I realized that I seemed to be missing the profound meaning from the text. I had to admit that I did not “get” the message. “Perchance I’m not as smart as I thought,” I reflected.

Almost immediately, I recalled the face of a young Black woman describing her childhood. She painfully shared attending a predominantly white school in which classmates made fun of her full lips, her wide nose, her kinky hair, and her dark skin. No, as hard as I tried, I did not relate to her experiences of life. Once again, I had to admit to what I did not know. “Not so smart, after all,” I mused.

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Research Needed: Hair Styles and Sexual Behavior

For some individuals, hairstyles make a major contribution to how they perceive themselves and how they respond to their partners. In fact, I suggest a new research study needs to be done by those interested in investigating ways external conditions impact sexual conduct.

My husband and I have now been together for over two decades. Twenty years ago, I wore my brown hair in layered curls. Getting permanents on a regular basis provided the waves that nature failed to endow. Continue reading

Whom Does God Love Best?

Who the heck do we think we are to assume that God belongs to “our side”? Isn’t the team on the opposing side praying to the exact same God in hopes of achieving game advantage? Can it ever be right to pray that our competition will play badly? And, if both sides ask to win, doesn’t that put God in a bit of a bind?

History becomes riddled with questions such as these. Let’s examine a few situations.

  1. Most likely, the early Pilgrims prayed to defeat the inhabitants of what we now know as North America. Surely, the Native Americans ultimately realized what a mistake they had made being kind to the Europeans and prayed to beat the heck out of those white guys. Did God like the Europeans better than the Native Americans? If so, we have a good reason to doubt God’s ultimate wisdom.

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Save Those Sagging Body Parts!

I made a new friend at the YMCA today. Struggling to find a machine to repair my sagging upper arms, a voice suddenly emerged a little too close to not be my husband. Startled, I looked around to find an elderly gentleman. “Jimmy” then graciously offered to help with my obvious arm situation. “I can show you how to set up and use this machine so that you can really get good benefits.”

“Great,” I thought. “Where the heck is Chris?” It turned out that my husband, Chris was indeed watching and had been noticing the gentleman for some time. Not only did my new friend teach me how to use the machine destined to restore lost muscle tone, he also offered to teach me how to use an even more amazing piece of equipment at the Y. Yep! Jimmy has been coming to the Y for 30 years and only recently learned the miraculous benefits of this little number. By now, interest in potential muscle building had replaced my initial skepticism.

My new friend encouraged me to come every day. Not possible. “Well, then come every other day,” he recommended. “These two exercise machines will definitely fix you right up.”

About that time, Chris walked up to introduce himself. I must confess that I loved the determined look on my husband’s grave face as he shook hands with Jimmy. “By Jove, I believe my husband loves me!”

Needless to say, I’m now jazzed about restoring these old arms of mine. Yep! I’m getting ready for sleeveless dresses! Be on the lookout for new arms on this sagging senior body! I have been saying, “The best is yet to come