Counting the Reasons to Support Sander

I am a Democrat. Although I must admit watching and wondering what the Republican candidates will say or do next, I staunchly support either Hillary or Bernie and will vote for the one who wins the party’s nomination for president. Without being negative toward any individual candidate from either party, I share my reasons for preferring Sanders.

  1. Throughout Sander’s life, he participated in physical actions to correct racial ills in American society. He went to jail for protesting segregated dorm rooms. He marched with Dr. King. The Senator supports the rights of gays, women, and all racial and religious groups. To heal the nation, I believe we must accept one another and support the rights of all.
  1. His believes that until we remove corrupt money from politics, we will continue to elect individuals who owe allegiance to unscrupulous causes. His refusal to accept money from super-PACs to run his campaign makes an enormous difference in his freedom to speak truthfully. His grass roots campaign portrays the loyalty of every day AmericansBernie Sanders

  1. Sander’s support of middle class America feels personal to me. Knowing that those in the top 1% use loop holes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes seems in opposition to the larger purposes of our nation.
  1. Sander’s criticism of Wall Street takes courage. I admire his continued attacks on “too big to fail” corporations. In 2008, he opposed the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.
  1. I agree with Sander’s positions on taking steps (sometimes painful steps) to protect our planet. Whether changing weather conditions exist because of cyclical patterns in nature or due to human maltreatment does not matter. The only relevant question asks, “How can humans help alleviate or prevent devastating weather conditions?”
  1. Bernie does not want American young people leading the fight against ISIS. He did not support the war in Iraq or the bombing of Libya and his policies concerning war have remained consistent over many decades. It seems relevant that recently, the Veterans of Foreign Wars gave Sanders a Congressional Award.
  1. Bernie believes the death penalty should be ended. I agree and favor of restorative justice.

Without slandering any candidate from either party, I choose to support Bernie Sanders. A recent Huffington Post article states, “I am no fool. I know that his proposals will be extremely hard to bring about.” However, Sanders’ actions through decades of political service speak volumes to me. I believe he tells the truth as he walks the talk.

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