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Here are my current publications:

Slaying the Dragons

We know that those fearsome, fire-breathing creatures known as dragons do not truly exist. Yet, in the world of literacy instruction, teachers often feel as though they are battling equally severe and frightening conditions that hinder literacy success. Slaying the Dragons: 21st Century Literacy considers several causes of literacy failure. The most severe challenges come from various types of dyslexia and dysgraphia and are the predominant challenges that are considered for remediation in these chapters. Research information, suggested strategies, and recommended modifications follow the introduction of each “dragon.”

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Making a Difference for Students with Differences

Whether you teach in a public, private, or home setting, you will sometimes face the challenge of a student who learns differently. As you strive to meet the needs of a special student, you will yearn for adaptation and modification ideas. Making a Difference for Students with Differencescontains a vast collection of adaptations. Many of the ideas come from areas of expertise outside education. For that reason, some suggestions may seem extraordinary. However, students with drastic needs require drastic responses. The text begins with the foundation and terminology of special education and proceeds with new terms for inclusion. A bibliography contains valuable resources for materials, equipment, and workshops in the hopes that pre-service teachers, teachers, and parents will seek additional resources for special learners.

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Yes! I Can Teach Literacy

Have you even considered what a miracle it is that any of us learn to read?! One school superintendent stated, “Teaching reading IS rocket science!” For those who wonder how to facilitate the miracle of converting a non-reader into a fluent one, Yes! I Can Teach Literacy is the book for you. Topics include assessment of reading and writing, developmental stages, emerging literacy, strategies for teaching reading, writing, and spelling, suggestions for helping children with dyslexia and dysgraphia, and specific ways to meet state objectives by using good pedagogy. At the end of the book, the generalizations of our English language are covered.

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Teaching Responsible Behavior

Are schools and homes no longer safe sanctuaries from student indolence and outrage? Teaching Responsible Behavior is a collection of practices from some of the nation’s most prestigious behavior management experts. Written in a succinct format, the text provides easy-to-apply suggestions and communication tools for accessing personal responsibility in students of all ages. Teachers, parents, and pre-service teachers will benefit from reading and reflecting on the ideas presented in Teaching Responsible Behaviors.

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Diversified Teaching

All too often we fall into ruts, presenting lessons the same way day after day. Diversified Teachingoffers a quick and easy way to teach reading/language arts with the diversity that will maintain motivation for ages five through adult. Strategies are offered for phonics, sight words, reading fluency, comprehension, writing and more. Writing frames (guides) are provided for easy copying and suggestions for modification are offered.


Dyslexia Analysis

In 1988, Sharon Smith and I established electronic checklists of characteristics for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and related disorders. Our purpose was to raise awareness of behaviors that can easily be dismissed as unimportant. Our hope was that checklists would be used as evidence to request in-depth testing by a school or diagnostician. The newly revised checklist will be included in this blog along with an invitation to personally work with me to assess possible learning challenges and to identify adaptations and ideas to facilitate learning.

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