For eight years, President and Mrs. Obama have been the leader and first lady of the most powerful nation in the world. He won not just one but two national, presidential elections. Did I always agree with his policies? No — not always. Sometimes I felt disappointed. However, I believe history will reveal that, even though saddled with a stubbornly partisan “do-nothing” congress, President Obama achieved many remarkable accomplishments.

In response to the cruelty often given to President Obama by some of our own citizens, he remained a gentle, yet courageous spokesman. To those who listened to his speeches, he frequently provided rich humor. As a couple, he and Michelle proved to be quality role models that all of us would be wise to copy. In the President’s final speech to the nation, he credited his wife, Michelle for bringing grace, grit, and style to the position of first lady. Vocabulary, behavior, presentation, and values shone brightly for the nation and the world. We will miss having a leader who always:


  • Spoke courteously to and about others,
  • Worked peacefully with our allies,
  • Maintained the dignity of our great nation,
  • Honored the rights of women,
  • Fought for acceptance of all races, gender preferences, religious beliefs, and those with disabling conditions,
  • Led an administration that avoided scandals throughout his presidency,
  • Continued to learn by listening carefully and responding judiciously to intelligence briefings,
  • Supported the rights and dignity of the disenchanted,
  • Gave unquestioned allegiance to the United States of America.

Regardless of circumstances beyond their control, President and Michelle Obama walked the walk. Countless times, they “turned the other cheek”. Truly, they lived, “When they go low, we go high.” What magnificent examples they provided for every single one of us. Personally, I will miss them.


  1. Sharon Stidham smith

    Well said Barbara. I can’t agree more. I’m praying for our nation in the next four years.

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