Requesting Comfort and a Reason to Laugh

Today, we go to a wake for a friend I have known since we attended TCU. Following graduation, we became neighbors. Our little girls played together as best friends. My son loved Margie. In fact, who could resist her warm smile and terrific laugh? The following message goes to Dwight, Margie’s husband of many years.
I recall a time when my son, David decided it would be a great idea to juggle eggs in your kitchen. Of course, no one doubted David’s talent. When he tossed one egg too high and it stuck on the ceiling, Margie burst out laughing. Many years later, Margie shared that remnants of the egg still clung to the ceiling when you moved away.
On another occasion, I napped while Rachel and Joy industriously mixed flour, water, and mud. I awoke to discover mud in the hair of two little girls, mud on the drapes, mud ground into the carpet, mud blobbed on the cabinets, and mud smeared into numerous pots and pans. Unlike Margie, I did not find this scene amusing. (I always claimed that if it had been in Margie’s kitchen, she would have not found it quite so funny!) It took forever to get the little balls of muddy dough out of Joy’s hair.

Dwight, I will always remember your rescue of my Batman boy as he dangled by his foot high in a tree. Did I ever thank you? I am grateful that you were around to save David. Both Joy and David share countless memories of being with your family. I have no doubt that until the end of our days, we will treasure you and Margie.
And so now you and all of your friends face a time of sorrow. I’ve lived long enough to know we cannot avoid grief. We cannot creep around, over, or under the sadness that now settles. On the other hand, I continue to believe in prayer and in a Power that can comfort and guide. To this end, I request a soft blanket of comfort and peace for you and your family.
And, lest we forget: Margie would want us to find reasons to laugh.