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Showing Greater Gifts to Honor Our Life Purpose

Once again, we find ourselves immersed in a traditional season of abundance. To prepare for our Thanksgiving feasts, we pushed clattering carts toppling with food across grocery parking lots. We prepared more than we needed and ate until waistlines required expanding. We gorged, we wasted, and in many cases, we forgot that not everyone in the world experiences the abundance we take for granted.

Now, thoughts focus on Christmas giving and getting. Wallets inflate to purchase gifts no one really needs. Because of the urging of parents and grandparents, our children concentrate on what to ask for during visits with Santa. No one wonders, “How can all the new “stuff” fit in spaces already cluttered from past excesses?”

When did I become such a “Bah-Humbug” person? (My husband suspects it began when my parents cut the ends out of my outgrown shoes so my toes would have space to expand.) Yet, I too enjoy giving. Few things bring more pleasure than purchasing for children. (Add the word “educational” to a toy description and I’m all over it!) Continue reading