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Brimming with Smiles: Beaming with Friendship

Being fourteen has it’s challenges!  This blog is for our granddaughter who is a freshman in high school. 

I recall being rather grim and grumpy as a young teenager. Even though no major problems plagued me beyond straight hair, small boobs, and a few pimples, I felt gloomy much of the time. Let’s face it: teens don’t need a major reason to feel downcast. All those hormonal changes create havoc in anyone’s young life. As I reflected about my younger self, I suddenly recalled hearing the bell ring at school and clamoring into the hall. Hustle and bustle — everyone hurrying to find lockers, change books and get to another class. Mixed into the oncoming crowd, I saw Sally. Beaming with a big smile, Sally greeted everyone she knew — and she knew almost everyone.

Each day, I looked forward to seeing Sally’s big smile. I learned a lot from watching her give pleasure to her peers. Years later, as an adult, Sally shared that despite appearances, not everything was picture perfect in her home. No one would have guessed a hint of pain or stress by meeting young Sally.

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