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Warning: Bullies on Board —Handle With Care

One of our grandsons just completed fourth grade with pride. Good teacher, interesting assignments, successful achievement levels. All went well until some boys decided to taunt him. Suddenly, all accomplishments faded and the voices that counted were those of his peers.

When I shared the story with our 22-year old grandson, I concluded by saying, “Kids can be so cruel.” To which he replied, “Adults can be cruel also.” That told me that like his younger cousin, he also experiences criticism and rude behavior from some of his peers.

As a grandparent, I yearn to protect them. A voice suggests, “Let’s keep them at home with a glass dome over them.” Obviously, a solution that over protects offers no solution at all. Without rough and tumble life encounters, no resilience develops. Pain usually contributes to learning and to growth and even getting picked on occasionally seems to be part of the life process. Continue reading

Oh NO! What About Mean Kids?

The post below was written for Chandler following a run-in with his peers at school.  

Some people seem to enjoy putting others down.  It seems like they are collecting notches on their belts like the old “gun slingers” of Western days.  What an unhappy way to exist! Unfortunately, you will occasionally bump into people who appear to thrive on being nasty with words. Your defenses lie in self-talk and in humor. Continue reading