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Enjoying the Ferocious, Trivial, Fanciful, and Significant

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just when I decided that the fun of our trip exceeded all expectations, it got better! We received a wonderful surprise. Dalton, our grandson in the Air Force, telephoned to say he could drive to Branson to spend some time with us. As if this didn’t give us enough pleasure, Dalton brought Rachel, a special friend from their high school days.

Rachel and Dalton arrived as a joint package of entertainment and easy-going congeniality. Following our required, one-minute tour of the motorhome, we took them to lunch. The four of us then toured a museum of the Titanic, which displayed parts of the actual ship retrieved from the ocean’s depths as well as authentically displayed replicas. The museum tour included walking up and down a recreation of the famous staircase.

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