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Being Kind is NOT a Lost Art

Has society fallen to a new despicable low? Hopefully, it has not. However, given the steady diet of doom and gloom provided by news media, we sometimes wonder. This week, my husband and I experienced an act of kindness that unlocked a window of hope. Hope in the inherent goodness of people. Hope in strangers who go out of their way to extend a helping hand.

Chris and I drove to Dallas to see my cousin Peggy and her beautiful family. While in Dallas, I contacted a friend I have known for 71 years — since we played together in dusty Barstow, Texas.

After being showered with overwhelming red carpet treatment by relatives and my childhood friend, I wanted a picture to recall this special time. While posing for the picture, I carelessly flung my purse on the back of our car. Only when we reached my cousin’s home did I realize the bag had vanished. We retraced the route, called my friend, and waited.  Continue reading