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Lane y Margie se casan.

Who doesn’t like a wedding?

Weddings always give great pleasure to me. I enjoy thinking about the ceremony, planning all the surrounding events, soaking in the rich love of the moment, and reflecting on newly formed memories.

Lane (David Lane Williams V), our first grandchild, married Margie, a beautiful young woman on Saturday, August 6, 2016. I felt blessed to be able to participate before, during and after the event. Grandpa and I already knew and loved each of the groomsmen and the minister. Although we had not known the bridesmaids or Margie’s parents long, we sincerely enjoyed them.

Jack Sanders, Lane’s best man, did his job with excellence — even refusing to hand over the ring when Lane wanted it at the wrong time in the ceremony (an unforgettable memory to be sure). Jesse Plaza served as a groomsman and as the couple’s personal wedding photographer. Steven Galindo, another groomsman functioned as a professional Master of Ceremonies and sound system expert. Continue reading