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In the years following the 9/11 attacks, we changed as a people. Fear crept across our country invoking all manner of defensive reactions. Unfortunately, fear invites exaggerated suspicions and outright phobias.

Of course, we must always remain vigilant. No argument about that. We would be foolish not to vet all who request acceptance into our country. And yet, as horrifying as any threat from terrorists appears to be, we face an additional menace from groups of our own citizens.

“White Nationalists” and groups sympathetic to their thinking threaten to rip apart our core values. Increased activity from the Klu Klux Klan endangers our neighbors. Groups that emulate Nazi Germany insult our humanity. Hatred of our own citizens imperils everything this country values: Continue reading

Going the Extra Mile to Build Self-Confidence

From time to time, I write to my teenage granddaughter. This post goes to a special fourteen-year-old I love. 

To a large extent, a person’s accomplishments depend on the self-confidence enjoyed by that individual. A terrible, awful, frightening truth guarantees that choices about building or damaging self-confidence must be made repeatedly. Every single day, you will choose to see yourself as a victim or as a seeker of growth and adventure. Since one’s past can usually predict the future, let’s consider two memories I have from your first fourteen years ~

  1. On many occasions when you were young, you put on dramatizations for Grandpa and me. You showed no hesitation. You fainted, wept, raged, smiled and enthused as you frequently changed characters. It was all I could do to keep up with you. Did a video slow you down? Not for a second. You relished showing off in front of the camera. I never saw a hint of shyness.

Continue reading

Life Happens: Take Back Your Strength

I write this for one of my grandchildren. As much as I want to “fix” all problems, I cannot. Not only is fixing life impossible, but I know I would rob that precious young person of an opportunity to learn — to stretch — to grow stronger.

No one gets immunity from challenges and disappointments. With my background in education, I envision everything as a potential lesson. Numerous personal experiences have indicated to me that if I don’t get the lesson the first time around, a similar circumstance will show up to provide a second try.

Maturity proves to be golden even with the challenges of the aging process. The longer I live, the more pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Below, I share some strategies I’ve used when disappointed. Continue reading