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Taking Precautions to Be Safe

Back Home in Texas May 27, 2016

A crash of thunder, which seemed only inches away jolted me out of bed. In the living room of the RV, I found Chris scrutinizing the weather station. Although rain had only fallen for about an hour, radar indicated threats of more flooding in the Austin area. “Is water pooling out back?” I asked. A flash of lightening illuminated water encroaching the back of our property. What should we do? Sit it out? Move to higher ground?

Earlier in the day we had hit the ground with enthusiasm, eager to get work done on what remains of our property, and to make a few packing changes in the RV. Joshua trimmed bushes to make it easier for Chris to park in our driveway. Our son-in-law, Todd used much of his day off to increase our amps from 30 to 50, Chris met with an insurance adjuster, and I pulled weeds in the yard. (Yes, I realize pulling weeds seems a little foolish but that’s what I did.)

Around 9:30 PM, I crawled into bed with a good book feeling satisfied that we had accomplished a lot. Now, once again we sat contemplating a potentially dangerous situation with water. Continue reading