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Enjoying the Zigs and Zags of Six Flags

“Let’s take the boys to Six Flags!” Ten years ago, Chris and I had taken the two older grandsons to Six Flags. I conveniently forgot that Six Flags involved jolting rides, long walks, hot sun, and unhealthy food. I also forgot that we have added ten years of wear to our bodies. Not a problem. We loaded the car with our three younger grandsons. Off we drove for a day of fun.

While still on the highway, I heard Chandler’s voice from the backseat, “I’m going to be sick.” Urgently, I informed Grandpa. Unfortunately, Chris’ hearing lacks some of its former acuity. He continued to drive. Again, “Grandma, I’m going to be sick.” By the time Grandpa got the message, I turned to see Chandler’s head outside the back window with the contents of his breakfast flying in the wind.

We stopped. Chandler gamely wiped off his face. As the three of us cleaned his breakfast from the window, door, and fender of the car, Chandler muttered, “I wonder what the people in the car behind us thought.” In a flash, I got a mental picture of the windshield of that car. “Yes, I’ll bet they felt a bit startled!” Continue reading