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Reject Hate: Love Police AND Blacks

The chasm between police and Black Americans deepened. Suspicions intensified. Ultimately, Americans watched three days of living horror. Citizens now ask, “Can Americans be pro-police and pro-Black? Many think not. Yet out of our national despair we must grasp for a glimmer of hope.

Surely we can comprehend the unacceptable consequences of killing one another. Hopefully, we will summon the courage to address two issues: our prejudices and our hate talk. Both scream for reform.

  1. If we want our nation of values to survive, we must relinquish our ill thought out biases. Do we want to be stubbornly “right” or do we want to heal as a nation? The drumbeat goes both ways. Police fear Blacks and the Black communities suspect that all law officers are out to get them. Both groups can claim partial truths. Both alliances must also admit falsehoods. In truth, good and courageous individuals exist in both camps. Black White Hands

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Generating Unacceptable Price Tags with Frenzied Hate

Who doesn’t wonder, “Does my life make a difference?” Everyone wants to leave a mark on the world. I imagine that the young man who walked into a gay bar and began shooting had cultivated a mental attitude of hatred toward himself and those with different sexual preferences. In a perverted way, he may have wanted to make a difference. Maybe he yearned to be noticed.

The young man who participated a year ago in a prayer group before slaughtering group members conceivably persuaded himself that all Blacks represented evil. Perhaps he felt heroic. He may have imagined that like-minded associates would proclaim him as a courageous warrior.

What causes such an intense internal demand for a moment in the spotlight? What creates such a deficit of values that bloodshed becomes justified? Continue reading