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To Heck With Being Sensible

Some of you may already know that Chris and I backed out of the offer we made on a cute little house. Today, I write about our latest (and final) house bid.  

I’m running out of time. No doubt about it. With my 80’s looming ahead in the not so distant future, I’d better take advantage of what’s left of my youthful 70’s. To heck with being sensible and sedate! Not that I have anything against practical shoes, a little help walking, or the luxury of peaceful naps. Searching for the proverbial gold in these golden years does not get easier. I’ve decided to go for it while I still have the eyesight to spot that golden glow.

And so, my husband, who is eight years my junior and I dumped our previous notion of downsizing. Actually, we had previously downsized all the way to life in a motor home. Yes, it was fun. Without a doubt, getting rid of superfluous stuff felt great. And yet, there were hazards to that downsizing movement.

In spite of providing the advantage of always being able to locate one another, the motor home left no space for a family that seems to insist on continual expansion. Those kids — the ones we assumed would grow up and move on with their lives have become rabbits. Constantly, they accumulate spouses and children, dogs, cats and even chinchillas. Don’t get me wrong. We love each and every one. While some senior citizens collect antique dolls, stamps, coins, or even books, my husband and I collect grandchildren.

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

May 26, 2016 Back Home in Austin to Rest and Repair RV

Without a doubt, Chris does all the hard work of keeping us on the move. With each stop, he hooks up water, electricity and sewage. When we leave, all tanks must be cleaned and drained. He also does all of the driving. My job, securing everything in the coach, does not provide much challenge. However, initially I had quite a few lessons to learn.

On one of our first trips, we turned a sharp corner and flung a large glass bowl out of a cabinet scattering glass fragments far and wide. On two occasions, the single plant we carried (at that time) sailed out of its restriction leaving a large swath of dirt, pebbles, and cacti. Before we learned to travel with the trashcan in the bathroom, we scattered contents all the way to the driver’s seat. Today, a few well-placed bungee cords make a big difference.

When systems fail (as often happens while traveling in a motorhome) Chris goes into problem solving mode. He reads the manual (imagine such extreme behavior), tinkers, adjusts, and begins again. The man shows more fortitude than I ever imagined. At our last stop, he began teaching me how to connect all the wires and hoses. Not skills I had longed to master but not so bad either.

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Can We Stay Positive After Drastic Events?

Guest RoomHow drastically one’s life can change in an unexpected moment! Two years, almost to the day after our first Halloween flood, we watched water creep in under the outer doors. “It’s coming,” I shouted. As far as we could see, water surrounded us. Once again, we had water front property.

Who would believe we were being flooded a second time in two years? By the time the water began pouring in, we had taken as many things as we could to the loft. Once water crawled across the floors, we grabbed pillows, blankets, water and some food and climbed upstairs to safety. Continue reading