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What Controls Us: Legitimate Fear or Paranoia?

The Man walked His talk. However, although He admonished followers to “Consider the lilies of the field,” He did not suggest that we stride stupidly into a lion’s snare. Lilies represent peace; the opposite of dread and anguish.

So, what worries do we harbor? Which fears should be honored as legitimate and which can be discarded? This morning, I read, “There is a level in every human soul which knows no conflict, competition, or contempt.” Life lived at that level frees us from miserable nightmares. Although I admit to being a practiced worrier, I now seek peace. Below, I list issues that no longer frighten me.

  1. I do not fear someone simply because that person’s skin tone differs from mine. We share similar body parts, thinking processes, and feelings.
  1. Those who refer to God by a name, which sounds foreign, do not concern me. God, by any name remains God.
  1. Sexual preferences of other consenting adults do not worry me. What other people do sexually does not have any impact on my life.

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