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Like “walking dead” zombies, we sometimes stumble around without seeing the beauty surrounding us, without caring for self or others, and without accepting hope. Existence at that level symbolizes death. The triumphant news of Easter reminds us that we can claim the life intended for us. The Easter story focuses on becoming alive. The message encourages us to rise up from being asleep — essentially dead, to fully embrace divine life.

When lived at its fullest level, life progresses beyond inhaling and exhaling. The message of Easter reminds us to be “empty, open vessels to receive the full measure of Diving blessings. I am whole. I am one with Spirit.” Easter’s message of LIFE lives on eternally.

“Rest.” Daily Word. April 15, 2017.

Life Happens: Take Back Your Strength

I write this for one of my grandchildren. As much as I want to “fix” all problems, I cannot. Not only is fixing life impossible, but I know I would rob that precious young person of an opportunity to learn — to stretch — to grow stronger.

No one gets immunity from challenges and disappointments. With my background in education, I envision everything as a potential lesson. Numerous personal experiences have indicated to me that if I don’t get the lesson the first time around, a similar circumstance will show up to provide a second try.

Maturity proves to be golden even with the challenges of the aging process. The longer I live, the more pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Below, I share some strategies I’ve used when disappointed. Continue reading