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Walk the Talk By Relinquishing Fear and Worry

The Man walked His talk. Although He admonished followers to “Consider the lilies of the field,” He did not suggest that we stride stupidly into a lion’s snare. To me, the lilies represent peace, sound judgment and all that embodies the opposite of fear and anguish.

So, what do we worry about today? Whom do we hold suspect? Which fears should be honored as legitimate and which can we discard as useless paranoia? This morning, I read, “There is a level in every human soul which knows no conflict, competition, or contempt.” Within that level of consciousness, we can abandon needless worry.

When we fear someone simply because that person’s skin tone differs from ours, or their name for God is foreign to our ears, or their sexual preference does not meet our likings, we lose sight of the lilies of the field. These fears differ significantly from situations in which true danger lurks.

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