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Research Needed: Hair Styles and Sexual Behavior

For some individuals, hairstyles make a major contribution to how they perceive themselves and how they respond to their partners. In fact, I suggest a new research study needs to be done by those interested in investigating ways external conditions impact sexual conduct.

My husband and I have now been together for over two decades. Twenty years ago, I wore my brown hair in layered curls. Getting permanents on a regular basis provided the waves that nature failed to endow. Continue reading

Tribute to Special Friends

Tribute to Bill and Sonnye Dingler

In 1958, family and friends watched Bill Dingler and Sonnye Bell walk down the aisle to form an unbreakable union under God. Did their financial future look promising at that time? I imagine our elders shook their worried heads over a young man whose job resume would have boasted “experienced and speedy cantaloupe packer”. When cantaloupe season ended in Pecos, off drove Bill and Sonnye in search of California fields.

Through the years, we watched Bill’s transformation from being a Pecos boy with few occupational skills to an established owner of a successful construction company. How did he learn all he needed to know? I’ll give God major credit. I also credit Bill for taking care of Sonnye and two beautiful children. He did a “whopping” good job of it, too!

For fifty-eight years, Bill and Sonnye served as role models for the rest of us. Their marriage lasted when many others failed. They parented lovingly within firm boundaries. Now, the result of their diligence pays off with a bounty of love from their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Most of all, Bill and Sonnye exemplified an unwavering faith in God. Their steadfast love for Jesus as their Savior laid a foundation of life for them. As we bid farewell to Bill and imagine him on a better journey, we recognize that he and Sonnye will continue to bless us. We give our heartfelt thanks for both of them.

Good job, Bill. Carry on with God as you have always done.

Lane y Margie se casan.

Who doesn’t like a wedding?

Weddings always give great pleasure to me. I enjoy thinking about the ceremony, planning all the surrounding events, soaking in the rich love of the moment, and reflecting on newly formed memories.

Lane (David Lane Williams V), our first grandchild, married Margie, a beautiful young woman on Saturday, August 6, 2016. I felt blessed to be able to participate before, during and after the event. Grandpa and I already knew and loved each of the groomsmen and the minister. Although we had not known the bridesmaids or Margie’s parents long, we sincerely enjoyed them.

Jack Sanders, Lane’s best man, did his job with excellence — even refusing to hand over the ring when Lane wanted it at the wrong time in the ceremony (an unforgettable memory to be sure). Jesse Plaza served as a groomsman and as the couple’s personal wedding photographer. Steven Galindo, another groomsman functioned as a professional Master of Ceremonies and sound system expert. Continue reading

Honoring Our Grandson, Before His Wedding

Our oldest grandson, Lane will marry a beautiful young lady this Saturday. The family has joined in the preparation with a combination of love and happy anticipation. Naturally, this young man has been on my mind — even more than usual. In honor of his marriage to Margie, I wish to share some stories about our “Mr. Precious”. IMG_3321

 Cowboys Wear Boots

“Lane, cowboys always wear boots when they work around horses.” I shared this grandmotherly advice at the ranch one evening when I discovered three-year old Lane walking barefoot in the fenced area with the horses.

The next time we drove to the ranch, we arrived just in time to see Lane streaking from the house toward the horses. What a rush! With amusement, I noted Lane’s boots. However, other than boots, he was stark naked.

Baby Boys Tracy Continue reading

Pay Extravagant Wedding Costs: It’s Worth It

Dedicated to our grandson Lane and Margie, his bride-to-be, in preparation for their August wedding.

 Also, in honor of our own wedding anniversary July 14, 1990 when I married Chris, the love of my life.


Everything about this wedding in Mother Glover’s living room had to be timed perfectly. Guests clustered in anxious anticipation, the minister stood ready with Bible in hand, and the nervous bride clutched her bouquet while standing in the kitchen waiting for a signal. Her tall groom nervously paced back and forth in the shade of the front porch.

The time arrived. The bride’s nephew, Darrell fiddled to tune in KIUM on the household radio. Out of the static came the familiar “Here Comes the Bride” melody. The groom entered and moved ceremoniously to stand next to the minister. The dining room door opened and in strolled the smiling bride. She walked in perfect cadence to the radio music and stood patiently next to her groom until completion of the wedding march.

9920824 - on vintage background is outlines woman's hat with feathers and gloves

Following the ceremony, guests gathered around the dining room table to enjoy wedding cake, punch and assorted pastries. Before the guests left, the bride slipped into her new wine colored coat with the wide, dramatic collar. A new black fur felt hat with an outrageous feather completed the bride’s going away outfit. Only her niece, Peggy, who had accompanied the bride-to-be on her shopping spree at Popular Dry Goods in El Paso, knew the hat’s extravagant price – a whopping $30.00. After waiting seventy-eight years, Peggy decided she could finally share my mother’s secret wedding day indulgence with me.

To Lane and Margie — it’s worth every penny and more! Get the hat with the feather!