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Why Reading Is More Important Than Tennis

When I was a young mother in my thirties, I had a dear friend who offered to teach the game of tennis to me. I didn’t have a cute tennis outfit so I showed up in jeans and hiking boots, which I imagined looked similar to tennis shoes. After klutzy attempts and many missed balls, my friend pulled me off the courts and said, “Barbara, you don’t even dress right for this game.” Thus ended my budding tennis career.

Through the years, I wished that I could play tennis. My husband plays and it would be great if we could share this sport. Yet, my life has gone well even without tennis. I raised the children, got a job, and functioned in society. No real trauma evolved over my lack of tennis.

Most of us know at least one child who does not read well. We send five year olds to school with the anticipation that they will learn to read. Most show up with eager and excited little faces. Unfortunately, for some, it does not happen or it does not happen easily. It’s as though they don’t dress right for the game of reading. Continue reading