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Getting Angry & Getting Even with a Green Parrot

This story comes from Grandmother Glover’s Voice. In this story, which took place in the 1920’s, Grandmother tells about her grandson’s struggles with my mother’s parrot. As I sat on the floor next to Grandmother’s rocking chair, she said . . .

One of Carrie’s boyfriends gave her the strangest present I ever saw. The young man presented her with a green, talking parrot. Now, this parrot didn’t just say “hello” and “goodbye”. This amazing parrot could mimic almost anyone. If that parrot listened to someone for a few minutes, he could say the same words and speak in almost exactly the same tone of voice.

Unfortunately, the parrot liked to make fun of my grandson, Darrell. The parrot particularly liked to mock the sound of Darrell crying. And Darrell cried often. Tears came because his mother, Lizzie gave him frequent spankings. Continue reading