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How TV Recall Improves Comprehension

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension always involves thinking and is synonymous with understanding. Comprehension always focuses on gaining the message intended by the author.

Visualization to Help Comprehension

While working with a fifth grader, I encouraged him to “see pictures” and “run movies” while reading. To which the young boy replied with astonishment, “You mean I’m supposed to think about what I am reading?” Visualizing does not come intuitively to all children. The good news is that visualization—comprehension can be taught.

Ways to Explain Visualizing

One method begins by sharing colorful objects that can be handled as well as seen. After allowing children to see, touch and describe the items, ask children to close their eyes and “see” items on the “magic screens behind their eyes.” Most children will be able to recall and describe what they “see” with eyes closed. If more clarity is needed, ask children, “Do you remember what you saw? Can you remember how it looked?” When teaching visualization, use words related to vision and seeing. Continue reading