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To Heck With Being Sensible

Some of you may already know that Chris and I backed out of the offer we made on a cute little house. Today, I write about our latest (and final) house bid.  

I’m running out of time. No doubt about it. With my 80’s looming ahead in the not so distant future, I’d better take advantage of what’s left of my youthful 70’s. To heck with being sensible and sedate! Not that I have anything against practical shoes, a little help walking, or the luxury of peaceful naps. Searching for the proverbial gold in these golden years does not get easier. I’ve decided to go for it while I still have the eyesight to spot that golden glow.

And so, my husband, who is eight years my junior and I dumped our previous notion of downsizing. Actually, we had previously downsized all the way to life in a motor home. Yes, it was fun. Without a doubt, getting rid of superfluous stuff felt great. And yet, there were hazards to that downsizing movement.

In spite of providing the advantage of always being able to locate one another, the motor home left no space for a family that seems to insist on continual expansion. Those kids — the ones we assumed would grow up and move on with their lives have become rabbits. Constantly, they accumulate spouses and children, dogs, cats and even chinchillas. Don’t get me wrong. We love each and every one. While some senior citizens collect antique dolls, stamps, coins, or even books, my husband and I collect grandchildren.

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Save Those Sagging Body Parts!

I made a new friend at the YMCA today. Struggling to find a machine to repair my sagging upper arms, a voice suddenly emerged a little too close to not be my husband. Startled, I looked around to find an elderly gentleman. “Jimmy” then graciously offered to help with my obvious arm situation. “I can show you how to set up and use this machine so that you can really get good benefits.”

“Great,” I thought. “Where the heck is Chris?” It turned out that my husband, Chris was indeed watching and had been noticing the gentleman for some time. Not only did my new friend teach me how to use the machine destined to restore lost muscle tone, he also offered to teach me how to use an even more amazing piece of equipment at the Y. Yep! Jimmy has been coming to the Y for 30 years and only recently learned the miraculous benefits of this little number. By now, interest in potential muscle building had replaced my initial skepticism.

My new friend encouraged me to come every day. Not possible. “Well, then come every other day,” he recommended. “These two exercise machines will definitely fix you right up.”

About that time, Chris walked up to introduce himself. I must confess that I loved the determined look on my husband’s grave face as he shook hands with Jimmy. “By Jove, I believe my husband loves me!”

Needless to say, I’m now jazzed about restoring these old arms of mine. Yep! I’m getting ready for sleeveless dresses! Be on the lookout for new arms on this sagging senior body! I have been saying, “The best is yet to come

Aging Seniors Give It Up Fighting Crime

Chris and I courageously joined the ranks of crime fighters (well maybe not really courageously)! Mystery and intrigue focused our interest in the last two days. We felt inspired, uplifted, liberated, and well, like two old farts messing around in a fight for justice. Here’s what got us roped in with a gang of criminals.

Before going to California a few weeks ago, I got an email asking if I would be interested in becoming a survey shopper. According to the message, several companies had been accused of failing to give good service to customers. All I would have to do would be to complete a little shopping followed by filling out a questionnaire. It seemed like a reasonable request for which I could earn $300.00 a pop twice a week. Not bad money for an old woman with poor vision, weak hearing, loose teeth, and a teetering walk. I indicated interest and then totally forgot while in California.

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