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Blend “Right and Wrong” with Self-Expression and Adventure

Imagine if you as a parent, grandparent or teacher, could enhance confidence and creativity in a child you love by altering one of your small behaviors. Good news! You can do this without stress, strain, or extra money. The key involves allowing the child to work freely in the area of creative expression instead of trying to control the child’s artistic attempts.

The ideas I share today come from courses, books, and most of all — personal experiences. Through the years, I feared that —

  1. When I gave a coloring book to a child, I sent a subtle negative message. The child determined that drawings in a coloring book far surpassed the child’s artistic ability.
  1. With a coloring book, the issue became about coloring within the lines. As a pre-writing activity this promised some benefits toward eye-hand coordination. In the area of creativity, a coloring book became a giant put-down. When I urged a child to accomplish a feat that did not fit the child’s developmental level, I promoted insecurity.

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