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Practice Personal Organization to Facilitate Life

From time to time, I return to my roots as an educator. Through the years, many self-proclaimed and medically diagnosed students with ADHD crossed my path. Ultimately, I realized that my husband fit the category.

Although I confess that I seldom attempt to “remediate” my husband, I sometimes apply former practices to help with ortanizational challenges. In fact, categorizing, sorting, and organizing remain important to my own sense of well-being. Family and friends sometimes suggest that my “obsession” with organizing stems from deep seated control issues. So be it!

Even for those without ADD/ADHD, personal organization can make a big difference in efficient and effective living. Below, I share some suggestions, which I continue to find useful others and to myself.

General Suggestions for Efficient Living

  • I like to add tabs to important sections of books and notebooks to help locate needed information.

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