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Promoting Terror From Within

During a CNN interview, Jake Tapper stated, “Our worst threats come from home-grown terrorists.” Journalist Peter Bergen added “Every lethal terrorist attack in the United States in the past fifteen years has been carried out by American citizens or legal permanent residents, operating either as lone wolves or in pairs, who have no formal connections or training from terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda or ISIS.”

If the United States needs a preventive network to avoid producing those who would harm us, perhaps, no better place exists than our own public schools. Possibly homegrown terror begins with angry, disenfranchised, vengeful young people who believe life in the US has short-changed them. Vulnerable young people can easily become targets of outside propaganda.

What might cause young adults to become so engorged with venom that they turn against their own country? Continue reading

Responding to Horror

How does any ordinary citizen respond to endless shootings? Blacks and Latinos in minority neighborhoods, police working in our streets, church goers at prayer meetings, classes in schools, children at McDonald’s, gays having fun at a bar — It appears no place delivers safety and no human on any continent can enjoy feelings of security.

News from Germany states that as ISIL loses territory in Syria, Libya, and Iraq, their leaders encourage sympathizers around the world to create as much horror as possible. Today, we experienced that horror as we learned about children in Germany who became targets for murder. Continue reading

Rejecting Racial Cruelty

Within the last forty-eight hours, two gunfire eruptions have ripped the fabric of our nation. To those who continually preach hatred and fear of Black Americans I ask, “Do you really want to ignite the Civil War again?”

As a white grandmother, mother, and retired educator, I sit in the comfortable safety of my neighborhood and wonder what terrifying thoughts would I have if my husband, son, and grandsons were dark? I try to perceive an unimaginable level of prejudice. I ask, “What right do I have to my privileged shelter?” More important, what responsibilities do I have in response to raw hatred?

First, I acknowledge that thousands of police officers risk their lives daily to protect society. However, we must also acknowledge the consequences of some insufficient training. When did our protecting agents decide to shoot first and ask questions later? Continue reading