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Why Did I Participate in a Women’s March?

When asked if she would join a protest movement against the Viet Nam War, Mother Teresa replied that although she would not demonstrate against the war, she would march for peace.

In that spirit, Chris and I joined 50,000 others in Austin, Texas for the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. Instead of considering this a walk against the new president, I walked in support of values, which I consider basic human rights. My kind husband spent about 90 minutes helping people climb over the fence to get on Congress Avenue.

Chris Helping

Racial Minorities— I walked to demonstrate support for racial equity. Racial discrimination may appear healed to many, but bigotry emerges alive and well. Those who believe we all get a fair shot at success believe in a myth. Allowing all citizens an equal playing field begins, but does not end with fair voting opportunities.

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Breaking the Law: Honorable or Liable?

When a small Catholic university interviewed me years ago, the president asked if I could commit to their mission statement. After reading the document, I determined that the values included in the statement fit my own beliefs. If there had been a conflict of principles, I would never have taken the job.

Due to the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry, Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk charged with supplying marriage certificates faces a personal dilemma. According to Davis, her principles will be violated if she signs a certification for marriage of a homosexual couple. Now, two additional Kentucky clerks, Casey Davis and Kay Schwartz join Kim Davis in her refusal. Continue reading

Oh NO! What About Mean Kids?

The post below was written for Chandler following a run-in with his peers at school.  

Some people seem to enjoy putting others down.  It seems like they are collecting notches on their belts like the old “gun slingers” of Western days.  What an unhappy way to exist! Unfortunately, you will occasionally bump into people who appear to thrive on being nasty with words. Your defenses lie in self-talk and in humor. Continue reading