To Gamble or Not to Gamble – Vicksburg, Mississippi

Monday, May 2, 2016

Gambling money away in a casino has never been one of my chief aspirations. However, there we sat in a motorhome park, which listed three main attractions — all casinos. My agreement with myself included tasting the flavor of each area. Away we went to enjoy dinner and gambling in the nearest casino.

Dinner turned out to be more expensive than I anticipated, which drew from my intended gambling account. We mingled with serious gamblers. A few tables crammed such somber faces around the events that I felt intimidated to join them. Machines seemed a better “bet” to us. As co-gamblers, we won $5.00 and immediately lost $5.00. Not a bad outcome. (Definitely within in my gambling budget.)


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vicksburg, Mississippi revolves around the civil war. (Unfortunately, the war continues in subtle ways.) Seeing the ridges where Confederate and Union soldiers killed one another at close range sobered us. At the end of the military tour, we visited the remains of the Battleship Cairo, which Confederate soldiers probably torpedoed. Immigrants made up the ship’s crew and all survived when the boat sank. The picture below shows some of the original battleship with cannons protruding from the front.

Front of Cairo

Dinner at the Rooftop Grill provided the promised views of the Yazoo and the Mississippi Rivers. Yes, we ate too much and I left the roof vowing to mend my ways. Tomorrow, we turn to Memphis. Chris is doing an excellent job. CHRIS.

6 thoughts on “To Gamble or Not to Gamble – Vicksburg, Mississippi

  1. Reita Prewit

    You guys are the kind of gambler I represent. My husband loved the slots but when my ten dollars was lost on the nickle machine I was through. Hey, I did win fifty dollars one time. I kept it.

    The poem you posted sounded very soulful. I never knew what that loneliness was having stayed in my hometown. To be ill and alone would be a serious loss.

    I am so happy for you to be making this trip and see the wonderful sights of our country. It is rich with heritage and viewing it makes it come alive.

    1. Barbara Post author

      Reita, I’m not willing to throw money away! I worked too long and too hard for that. Thanks for writing.

  2. Tammy Cox

    Hi Barbara! Love hearing about your adventures. I gambled once when I was about 12. I was on a bus trip through Nevada and put one nickle in a slot machine at the the bus station. nickels started pouring out and immediately there was an announcement… “minors are NOT allowed to play the slot machines!” A lady I had met on the bus started grabbing my winnings and when someone official came up she said “OH. I just let her put my nickle in. Sorry!” when we got back on the bus she gave me the close to $30 I had won!
    My only other gambling experience was teaching UYO in Baton Rouge where I got to deal with the devastating results of gambling addiction. Good family men who had stolen money from their employers and religious women who had prostituted themselves for gambling money. What I learned was that it was in many ways the worst of all because these people did not drink or use drugs so they could not blame a substance. They had to accept full responsibility.

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