We Wanted A Bit of Magic

Sometimes the best-laid plans blow up all over us! Elaborate arrangements for a Labor Day weekend wedding in Corpus Christi began ebbing away when Hurricane Harvey first hit the Texas shores. Shortage of gasoline became the final blow to the couple’s wedding dreams. On Thursday evening when Joy called to tell me they had decided to cancel plans for a Saturday wedding in Corpus, she asked if they could get married in the gazebo behind our newly purchased home. Well of course! No problem! Yikes! Crawling into bed that evening, I asked Chris, “Can we pull this off?” “Of course we can,” he assured me.


So, with the first floor of our new home totally torn up for remodeling, downstairs toilets pulled, running water turned off, and only one day to prepare, we put a wedding together. Chris worked extremely hard cleaning the pool and balancing the PH levels. Our daughter Kirsten once again came through with brilliance and stamina. Todd helped with the delivery of tables and chairs and with wise suggestions. David, Melissa, Lane and Dalton joined the effort. We cleaned, swept, and moved tables and chairs.

Kirsten arranged for Central Market catering, ordered and then decorated a three-tired wedding cake, and created small table arrangements of roses.
David, Lane and Dalton decorated the gazebo. Although Dalton has artistic ability, Lane and David had never decorated anything in their lives. My worries turned out to be needless since our son and two grandsons created a stunning wedding look. Who would have thought it possible? However, the guys were exhausted from the strain on their artistic ability.

After walking with Joy, her dad also officiated at the ceremony.  Jordy’s son Cameron took care of the rings. As soon as the final words ended, twelve-year old Aidan dove into the pool with a tasteful splash. Very soon the other children joined him.

Joy sang a song she had composed for Jordy and Lane played his guitar and sang to the couple. While we ate, Lane continued to provide background music. Our new back porch filled with sweet friends and loving family. Members of the Meyer’s family, who would not have been able to make a trip to Corpus, were able to attend an Austin wedding. What a blessing.


The nagging question on everyone’s mind became, “How will Joy and Jordy feel about this change in their plans?” More than anything, all of us wanted them to experience the satisfaction of a quality wedding, filled with love and a bit of magic. For certain, a lot of people demonstrated a sincere outpouring of love. I guess, in the end, that fact matters more than any of the other details. I believe Joy and Jordy felt the magic. May God bless their marriage.




4 thoughts on “We Wanted A Bit of Magic

  1. Anita Lynn

    What a lovely couple and what a beautiful story. I’m sure this one will be especially remembered, especially since it was at your new home!! I don’t know how you did it, but I’ll remember you if ever I get in such a situation. We’ve got a granddaughter’s wedding coming up in November, sure glad Harvey is done!

    1. Barbara Post author

      Hopefully, your granddaughter will not be bothered by Harvey or Irma or any other storm. Joy’s wedding was quite an effort but worth every ounce of work. She tells me it was the happiest day of her life. I hope that is true. I did not want her to be disappointed over the change from Corpus. They had made so many arrangements and felt so discouraged.

  2. Sharon Stidham Smith

    Congratulations! What a story Barbara. Thank God you didn’t try corpus that could’ve been horrible. Joy was such a beautiful bride. I’m so happy for her. I send my love and hugs and I’m so glad everything worked out great.

    1. Barbara Post author

      Sharon, thank you so much. The important thing was that Joy felt happy. Later, she told me, “This was the happiest day of my life — so far.” That was my prayer. I send love to you.

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