What Are You Thankful for, Catherine?

When my granddaughter gets discouraged, I often write brief pieces to her.  My purpose is to turn every life event into a learning opportunity.  Below, you will find the first one I wrote.   

The things in life that make you happy tend to multiply when you notice and say “thank you” for them. I am only a tiny bit embarrassed to confess that I “thank” my flowers for blooming and tell them how beautiful they are. In response, those Turk’s Caps are crazy gorgeous!

Pretty CatherineYou want your brother to be more respectful? Thank that guy for all the helpful and fun things he does. You want teachers to be thoughtful to you? Smile! Your smile says more than a thousand words. When a class is interesting or helpful, tell that teacher. Noticing what makes you happy requires you to really — truly wake up. Look and listen with the intent of noticing what is working in your life. Once you notice, add that item, person, or action to your gratitude list.

It’s easy to notice what isn’t working and what does not feel good.  We humans seem to fall into that pit effortlessly.  It’s simple to complain and grind your teeth about what isn’t going smoothly.  The human challenge lies in noticing goodness and in seeking solutions to situations that beg for improvements.  With beauty and intelligence, you are already rising to this level of awareness.