Where Did Our Plans Go Wrong?

Yeah for order! Up for organization and well-laid plans! Down with chaos! NO — to confusion and disarray.

I am a woman who needs orderliness and simplicity. I prefer working from a solid plan and attempt to sidestep surprises. Since our second flooded house, the last nine months have been seriously devoid of any resemblance of order. My best-laid plans have repeatedly been shattered. Like a disoriented bird, I keep flying right smack into a brick wall. Scrambling up, smoothing my crumbled feathers, and attempting to fly again have not quite met my retirement aspirations. However, let me be the first to say that the bumps have not done damage and certainly haven’t devastated us.

Mishaps can provide substance for laughter. No doubt about it. Humor heals. Chris and I have had many laughs and good times in our motorhome. Finally, there comes a time when humor gets lost in the shuffle of disappointment.

Disappointments can also be a source of lessons and growth. Yes, I want to continue to grow until the end. But. . . another lesson? Really? At seventy-six years, do I need this many lessons?

Traveling in the RV gave me as much pleasure as any activity in recent memory. When we first started traveling, I felt we were on a honeymoon. What changed? From our very first stop in Alexandria, LA, we encountered glitches in the coach. One snag after another came our way. I laughed a lot and Chris learned a lot about fixing things. Along with the adventure, we created some profound memories just in case we get old someday. Currently, the RV sits in a repair shop enduring three to six weeks of needed fixes.

I ask, “Where, oh where did we go wrong?” Should we have bought a newer model? Ronnie Salters RV

All this to say “Adios” Cheetah!” It has been great. We found the motorhome life style highly entertaining and wouldn’t trade this sub-chapter for anything. Now, we move on to the next adventure. Perhaps we locate a brick and stick home to lay our heads. Maybe we discover a different way to travel. Life’s mysteries continue.

7 thoughts on “Where Did Our Plans Go Wrong?

  1. Wade Classen

    Great picture! Very Funny! Maybe the “RV” in the picture would be easier to maintain!

  2. Sharon Stidham smith

    Good luck. It was wonderful seeing you. I really like this picture of your new “home”. Lol I await your new adventures

    1. Barbara Post author

      How about that new, improved motorhome? It was wonderful to have some time with you. Our friendship must be solid; we picked up right where we left off. I’ve always been grateful to call you my friend.

  3. Anita

    You’re doing good!!!! Hang in there! Just think! We wouldn’t have met had we all not had RV problems!

    1. Barbara Post author

      Absolutely! Many positive and fun things and people (like you and Charles) came into our lives due to RV problems. I am not giving up. A smaller one would be safer for us.

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